Common Conveyancing Problems and Possible Solutions

Common Conveyancing Problems and Possible Solutions

The conveyancing process is an essential part of buying or selling a property. It includes key things such as preparing and exchanging the contracts of sale. Having checks and searches carried out on the property for the buyer. The transfer of funds and registering properties that are purchased at the land Registry.

Despite the fact that the conveyancing Newcastle procedure almost often goes without a hitch as long as you hire an experienced and trustworthy conveyancer. But there are still a number of issues that could arise during the process. 

When something like this occurs, it is critical to have access to the appropriate legal counsel and support. Just in order to ensure that the difficulties in question can be resolved. On the other hand, a competent conveyancer should be able to assist you in avoiding these problems.

Let’s consider some issues that may arise in conveyancing Newcastle and how you can handle them.

What if the Buyer and Seller Are Unable to Come to An Agreement on the Terms of the Sale?

A contract of sale will be drafted by the solicitor representing the seller during the conveyancing Newcastle process. This contract will include specifics such as the agreed-upon price and exactly what is included in the sale. 

After this, the buyer’s solicitor will go over this information with the buyer and determine whether or not there are any aspects of the contract that need to be clarified or altered to suit the buyer’s needs. For example, the buyer’s solicitor will determine which fixtures and fittings are included in the sale of the property.

Typically, problems of this nature are not too difficult to settle; nonetheless, there may occasionally be essential aspects on which the two parties are unable to reach a consensus. For instance, the buyer might have thought that a costly oven in the kitchen was included in the sale, but the seller intends to keep it for themselves when the transaction is complete. 

The purchaser then makes a request for a price reduction because the price they initially provided was calculated on the presumption that the oven was included in the transaction; however, the vendor is unwilling to renegotiate the terms of the sale.

When it comes to problems like these, having a knowledgeable conveyancer on your side can make all the difference. To begin, they can aid in the prevention of such circumstances by ascertaining, at the earliest possible moment, whether or not essential things would be included in the sale. 

Second, when issues of this nature develop, they are able to use their knowledge and expertise in negotiating to work toward a resolution. For instance, a seller may not be willing to negotiate a deal with you regarding a certain issue, yet, they may be willing to compromise regarding other aspects of the transaction.

What if the Property Check Reveals an Issue?

A right way across the property or a history of subsidence at a property are two examples of concerns that may be uncovered during conveyancing Newcastle. It happens as a result of the inspections and searches carried out by the buyer’s solicitor. This is one of the most prevalent problems that arise during the process.

A competent conveyancer may be able to discover a solution to these concerns. Such as purchasing insurance against risk. However, there are some risks that cannot be covered by insurance (e.g., the risk of subsidence).

These kinds of concerns, together with any flaws with the property that are discovered during a building study, have the potential to have a substantial impact on the buyer’s conception of how much the property is worth. 

Because an offer for a mortgage will be based on a particular valuation. Some of these concerns can also be a difficulty for completing a mortgage on the property. This is because a mortgage offer will be based on the property’s value.

In these kinds of circumstances, the buyer often has two options. They may either just back out of the deal or they can attempt to renegotiate the price. Just to include the faults that have been found. 

Here, even though there is no way to know for sure, a seller may frequently be willing to accept a revised offer. Just in order to reduce the chance of the same issue occurring with a different purchaser.

Again, having a skilled conveyancer is crucial in this situation as they can offer you the best chance of finding such difficulties as fast as possible. Additionally, they can handle any renegotiation of the sale price for you. Giving you the best chance of receiving a bargain that is fair.

What if Another Buyer Offers a Higher Price and the Seller Accepts it?

Even though this may be annoying at times, the transaction will not be legally binding on either party until the contracts of sale have been exchanged. This indicates that the seller is well within their rights to accept a greater offer from a different bidder.

When this happens, you have the option of matching the offer made by the new bidder. Or you can negotiate a price that falls in the middle of your previous offer and the new. 

You are likely to complete the transaction sooner because the conveyancing Newcastle process is already underway. The seller may be willing to accept a slightly lower offer from you than from the new seller. This willingness to accept a slightly lower offer depends on how far along in the conveyancing Newcastle process you are.

What if the Seller Decides to Make Alterations to the Property After you Have Agreed to Purchase it?

Both parties are legally obligated to abide by the terms outlined in the contracts. However, if there is any ambiguity in the contracts of sale, this can lead to disappointment for the buyer. Who may discover that the seller has removed items they assumed were included in the sale. If there is any ambiguity in the contracts of sale, this can lead to disappointment.

A typical scenario that might fit this description is one in which the purchase terms say nothing about the items that come with the garden. It is possible that the buyer will believe that everything in the garden will be left behind. 

However, the seller is likely within their legal rights to remove objects from the garden. These items may include plants, furniture, sheds, summer houses, and other structures.

It is normally too late to do anything about this, once contract have been exchanged. Therefore, it is crucial to be sure that you feel to be essential is addressed in the contracts of sale during negotiation.


Having quality conveyancing Newcastle services from a conveyancing lawyer is a great deal. They can help you deal with issues with property law and legal documents. As well, help you with professional indemnity insurance. Including disputes of your own conveyancing and lodge legal documents. Having a conveyancing solicitor with good understanding of property transactions and property transfer is the focus of many people. 

When it comes to contract of sale disputes and other conveyancing work there is no DIY. You can’t simply sort it out yourself without causing more mess.

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