Yes! Online Will is legal Will. They are the last testament drafted on online forms used to plan an estate.

Online wills is a legally valid attorney documents from a law firm. You can create a Will online today by just filling out an online form and putting your data. The signing of the legal document in the presence of two witnesses who are not a beneficiary of the Will makes it legally sound.

Also, a legal Will must agree with the law of Australia and be Written in plain English. An online will is a straightforward process and easy to complete. The best online wills are affordable and a cost-effective, simple process that enables you to create a lasting legacy for your estate.

Most people add their estate plan to their to-do list, which has been there for a long time because they do not have time to sit with their lawyer to create a Will. While some think Will’s writing is expensive to get and is for wealthy people with complex estates.

However, Online will give solutions to the challenges of all these categories. Moreover, online will be done when it is convenient in your own home and is affordable and a straightforward process with a fixed price.

Online will give you the benefit of willing your special gifts to your loved ones and make provision for minor children. In addition, online will provide a chance for an easy process of updating wills with no additional costs.

What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that deals with the distribution of assets after the funeral service and appoints guardians for minor children. It is vital to have a will because it allows you to communicate your desire with clear instructions.
Therefore, we advise you to work closely with a power of attorney to create and update a joint will.

The law in Australia gives you the right to make a Will. So you can ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes to protect your own home.

Making a Will while you are still enjoying sound mental health means you make these important decisions before it’s too late. Writing a Will forces us to accept that life is not eternal, and we find it easier to avoid the task than face the fact.

When there’s no will the law of the state you reside decide how your assets are distributed among beneficiaries? This is called dying intestate, and the resulting settlement process may not give the results you would have wanted for your survivors. This can be prevented by having a will drafted according to your wishes. You can also read about 10 Facts About Insolvency Lawyers by visiting

Elements of Legally Valid Online Will

1.     You Must Have the Legal Capacity to Write a Will

The legal capacity implies being an adult or an age that Australia allows you to make a will (18 years). You may make a will if you meet your Australian age requirements.

2.     You Must Have the Testamentary Capacity to Write a Will

This means you have a sound mind and health to make a Will. A sound mind can tell you are aware you are making a will, you are sure of the assets you have, and you know you will be beneficiaries in your estate plan process.

In a situation where a person makes a Will with testamentary capacity but later has dementia sickness, the Will is still legally valid.

3.     The Legal Will Must be Properly Witnessed and Executed

Australia has regulations and requirements on how to witness and execute a legally valid will. For example, two witnesses must be present to show that you have a sound mind when writing the Will.

Can Online Be Questioned?

Yes! Every Will can be contested, whether Online or not. However, it may not be successful. Before a Will can be challenged, the person challenging it must have some stalk in the result. Only a spouse, heir, child, creditor, or a person named in the Will can challenge it.

A Will can be challenged if any of the below are suspected

Suspect a Fraud

This can include forgery of signature or tricking you into signing the Will when any of the beneficiaries suspects that your decision was influenced by false information. Visit to read more about Report suspected fraud.

Suspect You Signed the Will Under Duress

This can include emotional duress or physical threats. For instance, a family member could threaten to do something nasty if you didn’t make them a beneficiary of your Will.

Suspects Influence In Your Decision

Undue influence is difficult to prove. For example, you may have a loved one who cares for you, makes your financial and medical decisions, and looks out for your best interests in everything. That is not an undue influence. Examples are if a lawyer makes your Will and gives themself a special gift from your estate plan. But it wouldn’t be a disproportionate influence if the attorney is your relative and you wanted to will something to her.

How To Make a Will Online?

Fill-In-The Blank Online Forms

Online forms offer a procedure to fill in primary data. The benefit is that you may find a cheap or “free” form. However, it may not be useful for your family’s estate situation. Also, many online forms are not specific to your state and don’t give guidance.

Online Will Forms and Service Firms

Online Will forms and service firms usually offer detailed guided questionnaires. Firstly, you answer them regarding your final wishes before they go into a final document. Lastly, you print the document and sign it before two witnesses and sometimes a notary.

How To Choose an Online Firm?

Online Will service companies’ services differ from one another. Below are some questions you should ask when comparing online will firms:

  • Did a professional attorney develop the forms to comply with Australian law?
  • Do they update changes in estate laws?
  • Do they provide a questionnaire before the service?
  • Do they instruct you on how to sign your document according to the law of your state?
  • Do they give a chance for you to update your Will?